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  • Reviewed By: Burton D.
  • Location: Torrance, CA 90505
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  • Comment: This review is going to reveal what can be considered an absolute rescue story !

    Having been hospitalized, the status of my discharge was entirely uncertain. Where will I go after this hospitalization? Think about the anxiety and tension not knowing where I would be going. As an 84 year old senior citizen, this predicament could be considered filled with debilitating uncertainty.

    The social worker and case manager both offered information and possible dispositions. One of the referrals was to Giselle Placement Helpers. In fact the workers gave me a tip to start off with Giselle. I called her first and she gave me three referrals one in Lynnwood and two in the San ‚Äč Fernando Valley. One never called back, one said I was not eligible, and the third was to an administrator who arrived at the hospital at 12:30 p.m. . After extensively interviewing myself he spoke with all the nurses and doctors in the unit and then inform me that I would be eligible to come to his facility and showed me pictures of the private room where I would be .

    He was extraordinarily kind and made sure that every need that I had was going to be met . In addition he actually helped me move some of my belongings . So you can see that this referral took care of enormous uncertainty and perhaps Karma is involved in making such a successful transition.
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