Reviews for Placement Helpers

  • Reviewed By: Lisa D.
  • Location: San Jose, Ca,
  • How was your experience with the first phone call to the company?
  • How would you rate the overall value for the service that was provided?
  • Comment: I spoke with Lauren Ross through a recommendation from a colleague at work. I was at my rope\'s end... my mother was fleeing, calling the police, and not living in reality. It was heartbreaking and soul-draining. Lauren gave me such great information... no pressure, no sales pitch. The more I listened to her, the lighter the weight felt. I went to two of the memory care places she recommended, and both would have been amazing for my mother. Ultimately, it came down to proximity. One was out of the way from home and work; the other other was between my home and work. She guided me through everything - and every single problem that could have happened, HAPPENED, but Lauren\'s patience, kindness, and empathy got me through the processes. She quelled all of my fears, and now, I am a daughter again - not an anxious wreck from always getting my mom out of trouble. My mom is actually thriving in memory care - and I am grateful for Lauren\'s guidance and true compassion.
  • Overall Rating

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