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Supporting Your Loved Ones Through a Transition

Simple steps we can take to support our loved ones when transitioning into a senior living or special care facility to ease them into their new living arrangement without stress.

How to support a family member when transitioning into an assisted living facility

When caring for an elderly, we worry about their well-being constantly, after all this is why supported assistance care homes come into consideration, after there has been a well thought decision to move our beloved ones into one of these facilities, there are more things to follow up. In this article we discuss some actions we recommend taking to relieve the stress that may accompany this transition.

Consider Hiring a cleaning service for senior to make the moving an easier experience

Moving is always a confusing and overwhelming experience, let alone for the elder person who will be leaving behind possessions that have been part of their life and identity for a very long time, most of the physical work required is definitely too much of a shore to be tackled by a person that is already in need of support, family members will be keen to help out and try to declutter and separate important family heirlooms for the safekeeping, this may end up being a much more intense experience than what was expected and could end up making this transition more painful than it has to be, for this reason we recommend considering a service that specializes in elderly care and if the case requires it there are also companies who specialize in hoarding cleanups.

Get a mental health expert or trained professional to monitor their emotional well-being

During this time of adjustment to their new environment and routine it is very possible that our loved ones will face depression and loss of interest due to the uncertainty that changing their way of living can bring, for the elderly their space and their belongings hold a very strong meaning and letting go is a very emotional process.

When speaking about professionals that can help us provide this well needed assistance, we can mention the better known professionals such as a therapist who is a trained expert in matters of psychological well-being and of course in strategies to make the transition easier forboth the family and the elderly throughout the process of moving into a senior living residence, but we can also provide alternative options that approach the same matter through a different method, one example of this would be an elder care doula who is a nonmedical professional that has been trained to give a holistic physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the elderly.

If possible, hire a care assistant to help with settling into their new home

Usually, a care assistant is a person who will take care of the day-to-day tasks for the elderly but another role that can be taken by an assistant is helping us ensure our loved ones are able to fall into a new routine without forgetting to take their medications, schedule and following-up on their medical appointments even help them with personal hygiene whenever needed. As expected, some senior care homes already provide this service, but it might be a good idea to provide a more personalized support at least during the few first months if the residence provided is more of an independent living sort of arrangement, especially because in this case it can help seniors get acquainted with their community and the services outside the facility such as their nearest supermarket, mailing offices and the nearest medical facilities.

To summarize, moving into a senior living home or a specialized care facility can be a daunting and stressful experience not only for our loved ones but for the family, and it can become an upsetting experience for our senior family members who will be facing a major change in their lives, this can trigger several negative emotional responses which can be avoided if we take steps to ensure mental and emotional well-being for them. There are trained professionals who have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the transition and help us make this already challenging event into a more organized, safe and comforting situation.

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